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Frequently Asked Questions


Can  using Wamco Products save our Company Money?


  • You Bet! This is accomplished by the following:
    • Less equipment needed to complete the task. Only 1 Man, depending on Company Policy.
    • Less time required to complete the task - 8 - 12 minutes.
    • Reducing the injury claims. Everyone in the "Patch" knows of someone who has lost a finger(s) or a hand, by moving (slipped) clamps, or from other injuries caused by falling off wellheads, ladders, tailgates.
    • No expensive ladders, ramps or Man Lifts required.
    • Reduce wear & tear on down-hole eqipment - no more leaving a well on Tap/tag. Only minutes to tag/tap, or re-space pump.
    • ROI - First time the Wamco product is used!


Has the Wamco product line undergone Engineering testing?


  • Yes. Acuren Testing of Edmonton, AB Canada completed the tests. Acuren is well known for their work in the Oil & Gas industry. Please e-mail us for the test results.


What material is used in the making of the Wamco product line?


  • Spacers - #6031 - T6 Aluminum Alloy. This is used because of the light weight & strength properties. Spacers are extruded, using our proprietary Die. This Alloy cannot shatter or "fly" apart on you. Under the worst conditions, the Spacers would simply fold. Again - Safety!
  • Adapter Plates - Custom Welded Steel


Do I require a Service Rig and/or Man-Lift equipment in order to install the Wamco Spacers?


  • No. Depending on your Company Policies, one Person can install the Wamco Spacers in minutes. Please refer to our Spacer Operational Procedures, located under "Products"


Do I need special Safety equipment to use the Wamco Spacer System?


  • No. Simply follow your Company Policy with regards to PPE requirements.


Why should I use the Wamco Suitcase/Stand-off to support the Rod String while I am installing/removing the Spacers from the Carrier Bar? Why not simply use a lower clamp to support the rod string?


  • The Wamco Suitcase is designed with complete safety in mind and consists of 2 - Adapter Plates & a Spacer or Spacers.
  • No danger of the Suitcase kicking out or spreading. The Plates and the Spacer (s) are locked & pinned in place.
  • Having the ability of adding or removing Spacers, this concept gives you the flexibility of height required from well to well.
  • No damage to the Polished Rod from installing & removing the clamp. This relates to no damage to the Stuffing Box Packing. No dimpling of the Polished Rod.







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