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WAMCO Products


At Wamco, we feel we have the safest, simplest & most cost effective method of re-spacing/ tagging the Down - Hole Pump. Period.

Some of the benefits of using the WAMCO Polished Rod Spacer System, along with the WAMCO Suitcase/standoff:

• No climbing – no clamps moved – no falls – no fingers lost.
• No expensive access ladders, trailers, ramps necessary.
• All work is done with feet on the GROUND.
• The average time to re-space or tap is 8 – 12 minutes! Completed in total safety.
• Less damage to the Polished Rod than current methods.
• ROI is normally obtained the first time the equipment is used. No long term payback.
• Reduce your liability to injury claims with the use of the proven WAMCO method.
• Total control over the fine tune spacing of the Down-Hole Pump.
• Quickly & easily adjust the Spacing during Hot Oil processes and changing fluid levels.
• The use of the WAMCO Polished Rod Spacer System encourages Operators/Service Crews to Tag/Tap less often, reducing the damage to the Down-Hole equipment & Rods.
• Ask us about other benefits gained by the use of the WAMCO System.
• Made in Canada

The WAMCO parts have all been Engineer tested & stamped. Test Results available on request.

Once installed, the WAMCO Polished Rod Spacers enable your Crews to re-space the Down hole Pump, to enhance production, or tap/tag bottom to release gas bubbles &/or trash from the pump, easily and SAFELY!

The WAMCO Polished Rod Spacer System consists of three main parts:

1. Extruded Aluminum Alloy Spacers, sized from 2" to 18". (Custom sizes are available upon request). The WAMCO Spacers are made from an Aluminum Alloy; offering a lightweight and safer alternative to some “homemade“ solutions.

Rod size specific for added safety.



2. The Handling Tool Kit (used to place & remove the Spacers on the carrier Bar, from the ground - Safely). The spacer handling tool is a sectional tool,facilitating the installation and removal of spacers from the ground on most pumping units.



3. The Suitcase Adapter Plates are used together with a Spacer, or Spacers to form a Suitcase/Standoff, used to safely support the Rod String. No danger of "kick outs". No clamp damage to Polished Rod - no damage to Packings. Fully adaptable to all well configurations.



Description of WAMCO Spacer model numbers

Wx(ht) xxx(Rod Diameter)


Model W6150 denotes a spacer 6" in height, for use on 1 1/2" polished rod.
Model W4125 denotes a spacer 4" in height, for use on 1 1/4" or smaller polished   rod.
Model W3175 denotes a spacer 3" in height, for use on a 1 3/4" polished rod.

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